Greyspace Collective prepares communities for an uncertain future, particularly in the face of climate change, sea level rise, and other hazards. We recognize the gap that exists between government and citizens and therefore, leverage new frameworks and mechanisms, through strategic community engagement to guide efficient, sustainable, and equitable resilience building. Our work integrates community resilience, preservation, and equity into disaster work, hazard mitigation, and planning, therefore reducing the existing gaps and missed opportunities for collective impact and solving problems


Climate change and uncertainty requires new frameworks to ensure resilient futures for communities, neighborhoods, regions, and cities. “Business as usual” can no longer be the default option. Building capacity at the local level will best position communities to thrive and develop self-sustaining qualities. Greyspace Collective will approach the challenges of the future through unique professional consultation, network building, and testing models of community-based, resilient business practices.

Greyspace is a mission-driven team motivated by the opportunity to define new ways of fostering efficient community resilience. Greyspace will establish mechanisms for better cooperation between private and public sectors. Informed by the shortcomings observed in our current professions in the nonprofit and public sectors, we seek to develop creative and adaptive solutions that work, are scalable, and instill efficiencies and contingencies.